When we talk about food, technology isn’t the first thing that always comes to our mind. However, over the years, the food industry worldwide has undergone a significant transformation in terms of processing, production, and preservation techniques of various food products.

Now, food-tech is all about filling your plate with cheaper, safer, and fresher alternatives that are environmentally friendly and comparatively more nutritious. In 2021, the food-tech industry largely dabbles in alternative proteins, nanotechnology, microbiology, tissue engineering, etc.

Given Israel’s mastery in innovation and expertise in technology, it’s no surprise that investors globally are now paying attention to the game-changing Israeli food-tech startups that are slowly but surely transforming this billion-dollar industry.

For instance, startups like Amai Proteins are aiming to replace sugar with healthier, sweet proteins. Amai, which means sweet in Japanese, believes that the focus should be on curing the food we eat rather than the various diseases caused by it. This company takes sweet proteins found along the equatorial belt and uses fermentation along with Agile Integrative Computational Protein Design (AI-CPD) to produce proteins that are fit for mass food markets.

Then we have Future Meat Technologies that supplies and produces lab-grown meat. This company focuses on sustainable cultured meat technology where they have completely removed the need to kill chicken, pigs, or lambs for their meat and instead focused on creating lines of healthy animal cells that are GMO-free and grow without any genetic modification. Future Meat Technologies adopts a cost-effective solution focusing on cellular agriculture, which is not only sustainable but also scalable by design.