Project Description

Optimize cyber security, Big Data Analytics, and Monitoring Applications

An Israeli company, provider of high end solutions in field of Optimization of Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics, and Monitoring Applications, is looking for distributors and resellers in Philippines.  

Their solutions aim to optimize cyber security, Big Data analytics, and to monitor applications deployed on both physical and virtual platforms, by eliminating network blind spots and reducing data overloads. The company’s disaggregation approach revolutionizes the network visibility market with the most modern, scalable, and powerful network packet brokers, resulting in superior network visibility and compelling TCO.

In today’s modern network architectures, cyber security and monitoring tools are challenged with data overload, network blind spots and diversified network traffic to the point where they compromise network security and performance. The company’s products maximize visibility into the network and enhance the performance and efficiency of the cyber security, monitoring and big data analytics tools. Removing duplicated packets, stripping unrecognized MPLS and GTP headers, reducing network overloads with layer-7 filtering and eliminating packet loss when microbursts occur are just a few examples of network visibility tasks that are required to enable proper operation of the cyber security and monitoring tools.

Benefits of having this solution:

  1. Maximize the return and performance of your cyber security and monitoring tools by eliminating network blind spots and data overload
  2. Meet compliance and ever-changing regulations with the most modern network visibility solution that ensure line rate performance without packet loss
  3. The Distributed Network Packet Broker architecture allows you to scale your network visibility deployment with simple incremental expansions that are aligned with your network evolution
  4. customers can deploy a single solution for both virtual and physical environments and leverage the most advanced hardware platforms on the market – all while maintaining the flexibility to choose from the smallest to the most powerful Network Packet Broker, according to business requirements
  5. Get more out of your existing network tools and controls and reduce related expenditures by maximizing ROI on investments already made, deferring future investments in upgrades and purchase of additional tools

For further information on the company please contact Mr. Raymond Tabios, Commercial Officer at