Reviews & Resources

Doing Business in Israel

This comprehensive report gives an overview of the Israel Business Ecosystem. The report will guide you on the steps and procedures for setting-up a business in Israel. From company registration to the details of corporate income taxes, employee relations and benefits, investment incentives, and more. You may also find details of the benefits in setting-up Research & Development centers in Israel.

IVC – Meitar Israeli Tech Review 2020 

We are happy to present The Israeli Tech Review, the first comprehensive report of the Israeli High-Tech industry, providing and insights on investments, M&A and public capital markets activities of the Israeli High-Tech industry in 2020.

Tel Aviv  Innovation Ecosystem Report: Resilience & Growth 

Tel Aviv’s tech sector not only remained resilient during the global pandemic, but even outperformed itself by breaking records in capital raised, exits and number of companies. The Israeli tech sector witnessed similar trends.