Equitech – FinTech Aviv visit to Poland May 23rd-24th

FinTech Aviv managing partner Tal Sharon visits Warsaw on May 23rd/24th. He is going to have sessions regarding FinTech opportunities from Israel including:
1. An overview of the Israeli FinTech landscape in 2018,
2. Introduction to the FinTech Academy program delivering internal innovation to FIs,
3. Israeli companies session with interesting solutions as part of our delegation.

Equitech is a consultancy firm providing innovation scouting services to financial institutions and business development services to FinTech and Cyber Security ventures with ready to market products. They are actively working with over 70 FinTech companies in portfolio and mapped over 500 companies in Israel. They’re also leading FinTech-Aviv community, one of the world’s largest FinTech communities, consists of 6,000 entrepreneurs, FinTech ventures, financial institutions, leading professionals and investors. 

Israeli startup LogMeIn, with their product Bold360AI, will join the meetings.

With Bold360ai Customers are increasingly engaging with companies, they are looking for a quick resolution to their questions or issues. Whether a touchpoint is deployed as a self-service widget, on your help pages, in your agents’ console, via mobile-, social media- or web platforms, the Digital Experience Guidance (DEG) solution of Bold360ai assists your customers to self-help themselves while allowing you to gracefully guide them to more suitable engagement channels when necessary.

Bold360ai delivers continuous intelligence that lets you identify gaps in customer experience as well as distinguish specific actions to take to close those gaps. We can anticipate your customers’ needs and discover new ways to enhance their experience.

Case studies

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