For Israel, innovation has always been inextricably linked to the survival, security, and well-being of the people. “How did we start up a nation from nothing and transform it into a nation of start-ups?” the late Shimon Peres asked in his book No Room for Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination and the Making of Modern Israel.

“The answer lies in a paradox: having nothing was at once our greatest challenge and our greatest blessing of all. Without natural resources, our hopes were tied to our own creativity.”

Now well-established as an innovation powerhouse and a vital geopolitical player, Israel is harnessing its world-renowned creativity not only for the betterment of its own people, but for the good of people across the globe.

That’s the key takeaway from a 12-part series featured in the Wall Street Journal, which explores how Israeli innovation is helping tackle some of the toughest global challenges.

Major advances in healthcare technology, security for humanitarian missions, groundbreaking developments in water tech and agricultural technology, and foodtech innovations designed to feed a rapidly growing global population.
These are just a few of the topics the series explores, offering readers of one of the globe’s premier financial media organizations an in-depth look at how Israeli technology embodies the ethos of tikkun olam – repairing the world.

The series delves into the Israeli tech ecosystem, highlighting the cutting-edge companies, strategic investments, and creative spirit that have enabled the Start-up Nation to pioneer socially responsible technologies.
The pieces featured in the series emphasize how Israeli innovation is advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), paving the way for a healthier, more prosperous planet.

A new report  of the Government of Israel was submitted to the UN by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides a comprehensive look at how Israel is advancing each of the 17 SDGs, detailing how the country’s innovation ecosystem and strategic planning are enabling the country to implement the 2030 goals.

Ingenuity, local know-how, and an unwillingness to take “no” for an answer transformed Israel into a high-tech superpower, with the greatest number of startups per capita in the world.
But Israel’s success in high-tech is far more than a point of national pride and economic dynamism: As the Wall Street Journal documents, it’s also made the country a force for good in the world.