Fourtec’s MicroLite chosen for the distribution of the Covid- 19’s vaccine

The Covid- 19 brought a complete change in the Cold Chain market. From the start of the pandemic, it became clear very quickly that the Cold Chain is a priority. All forecasts indicated that the global Cold Chain market is about to double itself (comparing to 2019) in the coming years. The increasing demand for Cold Chain solutions will stem from pharma segment (cold storage for Covid-19 vaccines and distribution) and processes, but not just – it is expected to come also from the food supply chain and food processing segment, storing, transportation (both within and across international borders), new regulations and others.


Fourtec  (also known as: Fourtec-Fourier Technologies ) is an Israeli company, specializes in providing monitoring solutions for a wide variety of applications, focusing in the Cold Chain segment and related industries such as the food and food processing companies, pharmaceutical, healthcare, warehousing, agriculture and aquaculture, greenhouses, transportation and logistics, catering companies and many more.

Fourtec’s most fast moving and requested products are part of the leading companies monitoring solutions among other can be mentioned also Pfizer, Mylan, Teva, Agilent Technologies, Biocon, Schneider Electric, De Beer Group or Vishay, and in many others.

Recently Fourtec’s MicroLite  was chosen by one of the leading pharmaceutical and multinational companies for the distribution of the Covid- 19’s vaccine, through its distribution company. Both the MicroLite Temperature (MicroLite5032L) and MicroLite Temperature with External Probe (MicroLite5032L-EXT) can serve these tasks.

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