10 Reasons to Switch to Frictionless Access Control. Top 10 Physical Security Trends 2022


What is Vision AI and Why Should I Care?

In this 30-min webinar to learn:

  • Use cases for Vision AI, including strengthening your facility’s  perimeter with access control, transforming on-premise cameras into active security systems, and providing location- and time-based alerts when a person of interest (POI) enters your facility
  • How Vision AI can recognize persons of interest and authorized personnel even when they’re not looking directly at the camera or wearing a mask
  • Tips for incorporating this technology into your existing access control and watchlist alerting infrastructure without breaking your budget
  • How leading companies are leveraging Vision AI to effectively improve visitor management, uphold health and safety guidelines, and enhance the overall tenant/employee experience and well-being

Check Oosto website here to learn more about how Oosto, powered by Vision AI, provides actionable intelligence to keep your customers, employees, and visitors safe!