Over the course of 2022 HealthIL will be launching a series of free quarterly engagement sessions.

The event on Burnout in Healthcare is the first of a series of quarterly thematic events brought to you by HealthIL.


Each of our quarterly collaboration events will involve presentations from relevant technological solutions and startups around a specific topic.

At the end of the event participating healthcare organizations will be able to schedule deep-dive B2B meetings with those solutions that are most interesting to them, to set the stage for potential future collaboration.

This first event is intended for any healthcare organization who is looking for solutions to address challenges of Burn-out, and any technological solution who can address these challenges.

B2B Deep-dive: Virtual B2B deep dive meetings between tech and providers will follow the event.

Session Details
9:00 – 9:45 GMT
Case study presentations from leading healthcare
organizations on how they have addressed specific
aspects of burnout
9:45 – 10:45 GMT
Pitch sessions from a curated group of startups
who specifically address the challenges of burnout

More info and registration: https://www.healthil.org/burnout-series