The Mobility Innovation Award  by Automotive Hall of Fame was introduced last year and recognizes the outstanding work individuals have accomplished introducing new tech and services that are redefining mobility.

Shashua founded Mobileye in 1999 to develop AI computer vision algorithms for driving assistance systems. Since then, he continued to expand Mobileye’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous solutions portfolio enabling the company to integrate its technology with more than 100 million vehicles to date. Three years after setting a record-breaking IPO in 2014 for an Israeli company, multinational tech conglomerate Intel acquired Mobileye and Shashua became Intel’s senior vice president.

The Automotive Hall of Fame was established in 1939, to perpetuate the accomplishments of the early automotive pioneers. Called the “Automobile Old Timers,” the group was dedicated to honoring automotive innovators from all parts of the worldwide automotive industry.

The current mission of the Automotive Hall of Fame is to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals in the international motor vehicle industry through awards and educational programs that challenge young and old alike to higher levels of personal achievement.