The Institute of Mother and Child, established by a resolution of the Council of Ministers in 1951, has a 60-year tradition and significant achievements known both domestically and internationally.

The activities of the Institute of Mother and Child include the following directions:

  • Science and research – as a research institute – an organizational unit separated in terms of legal and organizational issues

and economic and financial, established in order to conduct scientific research and development works. This work is focused on the needs of health care and includes primarily the protection of families, motherhood and women’s health, as well as issues in the field of developmental medicine.

  • Service and treatment activities – is inextricably linked with the conducted scientific and research activities and focuses on the treatment of the most complex diseases of developmental age.
  • Opinion-giving activity – included in the statute of the Institute of Mother and Child, includes the issuing of expert opinions on products for the population of developmental age at the request of producers and distributors and the preparation of expert opinions commissioned by state offices, including the Ministry of Health, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and independent organizations.
  • Educational and publishing activities – i.e. postgraduate education of medical personnel and health education of the society.

Together with sponsors and partners, Institute of Mother and Child have created a contest for startups and entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector. Trade and Economic Mission to Poland has the pleasure to take the honorary patronage.

The Mother and Child Startup Challenge searches for the next generation of MedTech founders innovating and diversifying the healthcare system and hospitals.

This project will be a catalyst for creating business connections, showcasing, discovering diverse talent, and promoting technology leadership. Mother and Child Startup Challenge aims to ensure the development of the most innovative concepts and empower hospitals as leaders in implementing innovations.

The Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw initiates the project in a consortium with 4 clinical hospitals:

  • ’Żelazna’ Medical Center,
  • Regional Specialized Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn,
  • Institute of Mother’s Polish Health Center in Lodz,
  • Medical University of Bialystok Children’s Clinical Hospital.

This contest is for MedTech startups (primarily pediatric and pregnancy women solutions) and technologies related to education, prevention, and public health. Data management, financial processes coordination, and green/ecology hospital conceptions are extra areas.

The top 10 Winners will receive access to medical data, medical evaluation, business consultations, master classes or workshops with experts, non-dilutive capital, and in-kind services. For winners, the leading award is a 1-year free pilot trial in five public hospitals.


The competition relies upon the commitment of practitioners with various backgrounds, including founders, industry experts and executives, lawyers, and other specialists deemed appropriate to understand a business idea’s medical aspects and commercial viability.


  • You have verified the Proof of Concept,
  • You have a prototype of a device or product,
  • You have a solution from TRL with more than 3,
  • You have a multidisciplinary team,
  • Your solution addresses healthcare challenges.

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