Israel’s money management companies hope to help clients weather the current storm.

There are over 500 fintech startups in Israel, many of them aiming to offer support during financial instability.

Keese Finance helps global corporates manage their currency exposure. The company first started by assisting internationals living in Israel with multiple bank accounts, but this February  decided to work with companies to limit their currency exposure – prompted by the strong shekel hitting a 26-year high against the US dollar last November.
The app is a personal finance tracker and organizer that allows users with bank accounts and credit cards in multiple countries to get their money in order. Keese integrates with over 11,000 banks worldwide.

TipRanks measures and ranks anyone giving financial advice. Its multi-award winning technology uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to track any event published online, and to aggregate and analyze the following financial data:
– Wall Street analyst ratings
– Hedge fund activity
– Corporate insider transactions
– Financial blogger opinions
– Investor sentiment
– Financial news sentiment

Claritus is a personal wealth management solution that lets investors view all of their assets and investments in one place. The Claritus platform can provide crucial context, providing key information about the overall portfolio so the investor can make more informed decisions.


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