The food sector is one of the most important and fastest growing branches of the Polish economy. Poland is the 6th largest market in Europe, with a capacity of 38.5 million inhabitants. Within the last 20 years, the Polish food sector underwent considerable transformation. The food production, consumption and exports have been steadily growing over the years. However, Poland still is behind many Western-Europe countries in regard to implementing innovative and sustainable solutions in agriculture.

The consumers’ behavior also gradually changed, with growing demand for sustainable food solutions. Although the segment of plant-based products is still in the early stages of development in Poland, recent studies confirm that consumer awareness of sustainability is growing in Poland. According to the report by The Association of Sustainable Agriculture in Poland and Accenture, about 75% of Poles are interested in buying sustainable agriculture products. The market for such products in the medium term has the potential to reach the value of PLN 64.61 billion. Taking into account that Poles spent 142.3 billion on all food shopping in 2020, sustainably produced food may become an important part of the shopping basket. That creates a great opportunity for both domestic and foreign companies offering innovative solutions in agritech and foodtech.

Poland is already home of many well-known brands from around the world. Examples of such companies operating in the dairy industry are Mlekovita and Mlekpol, followed by Maspex (a producer of juices, nectars, pasta, and cereals), or Hortex, a juice producer. In addition to the above-mentioned, the following brands also originate in Poland: Wyborowa Sobieski (vodka), Tymbark (juice), Grycan (ice cream), Wedel (chocolate), Sokołów and Pudliszki (sauces and ketchups), Kujawski (oil) and Winiary (spices and various types of ready meals). Poland is a business-oriented market, open for foreign companies and startups, and arguably foodtech and agritech could be very promising markets in the upcoming future.


Plant-based food growing interest

More than half of all Poles already eat plant-based dishes on a regular basis, and eating this way is becoming subsequently easier (results of a study conducted for The Google search engine recorded a 5000% increase in search interest for the phrase ‘plant-based food in my area’ in 2021.

In 6% of Polish households, at least one person identifies as a vegetarian or vegan, and in 4% as a vegan or vegan. At the European level, this average is 7% and 4% respectively. In as many as 31% of Polish households and 35% there is at least one flexitarian or flexitarian – a person who limits meat consumption. At the same time, the volume of meat purchases fell by 7.5 per cent from 2018 to 2021. A plant-based and flexitarian diet is becoming easier, as more plant-based producers with wholesome, tasty meat and dairy alternatives are entering the market.


Israeli experience

Israel is a global leader in FoodTech industry, helping to transform the world’s food sector. A great example is the protein alternatives industry, of which Israel is a prominent leader. It includes cell agriculture, which combines dairy and cultured meat components with animal and plant-based protein products along with innovative plant-based protein production methods, such as innovative technology that mimics the texture and flavor of meat. Other trend already adopted by many companies in Israel, is the focus on innovative raw materials and functional components, for example, reducing sugar in juices, a sweetening sugar-substitute protein, natural food colors and more.

Israeli startups in both footech and agritech are already present in many countries in Europe. Enhancing partnership between Polish and Israeli food sectors could bring many benefits for the development of regional sustainable production.


Showcase your products in Poland!

There are plenty of opportunities in Poland for foreign companies to expand their business presence in the AgriTech/FoodTech sectors. One of such, “Plant-Powered Perspectives Conference 2022″ is the international conference on food system transformation, which will be organized in Warsaw, Poland on 27th-28th October. It will be a great opportunity for Israeli companies to display their innovative solutions that can help with redesigning the future of Polish food sector. Fifth edition of RoslinnieJemy’s flagship event is the crucial meeting of forward-thinking food industry professionals in Poland.




“Conference participants will have the chance to hear from experts on the current shape of the plant based industries and trends in their development, as well as take part in specialized panels. The exhibition area will provide a chance for networking for producers, restaurateurs, investors, retail and media representatives. The conference, originating in Poland, already has sister-events in Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. The polish event is held both online and offline and will be simultaneously translated to English. See you in Warsaw!” – Plant-Powered Perspectives Conference 2022 organizers

During this year’s conference, a wide range of issues within food system transformation in the Polish context will be covered. PPP conferences have brought together several hundred people (last year over 350 participated in the conference) interested in a fresh perspective at the ever-changing trends in the food and restaurant business. Organizers also offer companies the possibility to present their products in the “Plant-based Innovation Showroom” (four different price options):

  • 2500 PLN – 4m2 exposition space + 2 entry tickets
  • 3000 PLN – 6m2 exposition space + 3 entry tickets
  • 4000 PLN – 8m2 exposition space + 3 entry tickets
  • 5000 PLN – 10m2 exposition space + 4 entry tickets

It is expected that the conference will be joined by FMCG representatives, food producers, meat and dairy industry representatives open to discovering new growing consumer segments, food and foodtech startups, investors and everyone involved in food industry innovation eco-systems.

We are here to provide you with more information about Israeli FoodTech solutions. Contact us for more info about Israeli FoodTech/AgriTech innovations! We can also help you with identifying relevant events in those sectors in both Poland and Israel.