Business Opportunities grudzień 2014

W cyklu Business Opportunities prezentujemy izraelskie firmy, które chcą wejść na Polski rynek i poszukują partnerów biznesowych, dystrybutorów oraz importerów. Dziś przedstawiamy firmy działające w branży spożywczej, zabawkowej, odzieżowej, dwie z sektora HLS oraz firmę oferującą produkty dla zwierząt.

Lehavot Fire Protection


Lehavot Fire Protection equipment manufacturer, is looking for distributor.

Founded in 1950, Lehavot has two divisions, military and commercial. Lehavot products for the military are based on extensive Israeli battlefield experience and US MRAP armored vehicles. The commercial division manufactures a wide spectrum of solutions featuring the CE certified kitchen extinguishing systems, as well as applications for clean rooms, and systems that protect industrial processes, facilities and off-road vehicles. The Lehavot systems feature the exclusive DELTA detector, a rugged and yet most advanced line type rate of rise sensor. Among the customers are the US Army, Israel Defense Forces, United Nations, Israel National Bus Company, and a number of Law Enforcement Agencies.


Aero Sentinel

Aero Sentinel Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Systems for military applications and civil air space. Aero Sentinel’s UAV systems are designed to meet a variety of security needs by emphasizing the key features that define a successful UAV system including interoperability, survivability, persistence low life-cycle cost and ease of use. Aero Sentinel Ltd. is looking for a distributor.



BabySpa, one of the fastest growing natural babycare brands in the Unites States!

They value their business relationships and want to partner with a well established distributor that has a deep knowledge of the retail market; more specifically the HBC/Baby Care category, solid experience in retail distribution and marketing savvy.


GAD Dairy

Established in 1980, GAD is producing and distributing dairy products from Cow’s, Goats and Sheep’s milk. It is specializing in premium dairy Kosher products such as Mediterranean, Italian, hard and soft cheese, Mozzarella Pecorino and many more. They are famous in developing unique and innovative dairy products. servicing the entire retail and food service local market and global kosher US and  European market. Despite global economic downturn and stagnation, they continue to grow every year in a steady pace.

They  are looking for local cheese producer in Poland to produce a Kosher private label yellow cheese.



Solano offers its clients an effective and safe solution for parasite control in pets. Our company works tirelessly to develop groundbreaking products, designed to present the customer with the finest solutions and best possible results. Thanks to the vast knowledge accumulated at Solano, as well as close collaboration with veterinarians from Israel and around the world, we are able to provide solutions for a wide range of needs raised by both end-customers and veterinarians.