Business Opportunities styczeń 2016

W cyklu Business Opportunities prezentujemy izraelskie firmy, które chcą wejść na polski rynek i poszukują partnerów biznesowych, dystrybutorów oraz importerów. Dziś przedstawiamy firmy działające w branży IT, medycznej, automotive, turystycznej i wodnej.





DealSim is an Israeli company that provides mobile packages for tourists (unlimited local calls and SMS, high speed internet in Israel) used by approximately 90,000 annual tourists and groups visiting Israel.  The best part of our service is that we deliver the Israeli SIM card to the travel agency and/or end customer before their departure to Israel.

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Every APT starts with reonnaissance phase.

The hackers will map their target, finding employee names, relationships inside the organization, users with administrative privileges, IT systems, etc. By knowing the hacker methodology, our system was designed to emulate this gathering process. At any given moment, the client can log into the system and see what information is available to and being discussed by the hacker community, specifically against his organization.

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Celestya have developed Q-Log, a complete Cybersecurity Awareness Training System (CATS), including Cyber Attacks simulations. The crucial secret of effective Cyber Security is employee education/behavior. Q-Log is an automated training system transforming human vulnerabilities to Phishing, Social Engineering, and other Cyber Attacks into a rock-solid human shield that simply will not allow catastrophic viruses and breaches to penetrate.

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Afikim Electric Vehicles has been developing, manufacturing and distributing mobility scooters since 1978. AfiScooters products combine stylish design, easy operation and advanced technology with sturdy construction, adjustable suspension, and orthopedic seating to ensure a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride. Available in a wide range of models, from fold-up and take-apart models for easy transport and storage up to heavy duty scooters.


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Leader and most experienced ink producer in Israel. Chemiprint was founded in 1973 by Mr. Shimon Milstein. At the time, it was a 1 man company. Now, it is the biggest manufacturer of inks in Israel. Solvent based ink systems include a wide range of products for surface printing and lamination based on various resins and high performing technologies.

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Triple+ develops and sells revolutionary wireless, wall outlet and battery operated technology for leak management systems. Triple+ introduces a new era in the industry, where leak management system for home and business installations can work with no need to trench communication or power cables.

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Extal is a privately owned international company that specializes in developing systems and manufacturing aluminium profiles. Our company is involved in many branches of industry: construction, manufacturing, agriculture, automotive and more. Extal was established in 1988.

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