Meet Magal Security Systems at HLS&Cyber 2018

Magal Security Systems is a leading international provider of solutions, services and products for physical security, cyber security, and safety and site management. For over 50 years, we have been analyzing, designing, managing and maintaining
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Israel Cyber Edge 2.0 – seminar for CISO’s

We are happy to share with you the 1st Israel Cyber Edge 2.0 event, a professional seminar hosted by the Israel Export Institute, Ministry of Economy and Industry and the National Cyber Directorate. The seminar
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Join us at the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2018!

This year in the FTA’s pavilion, we will host eight events of short briefs about Israel’s tech ecosystem and innovation between 05-06/09/18.
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70 Years, 100 Innovative Products: How Israeli Technology Is Enriching the World

Situated on only 22,000 square kilometers — a bit less land than the state of New Jersey — Israel has long had an outsized impact on the global stage. Recently ranked as the eighth-most
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Meet Tech’s Top Talent at Israel’s DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Conference

Israel is the beating heart of the innovations transforming modern life, pioneering advances in smart mobility, cybersecurity, food and agritech, health tech, and much more. It’s only natural, then, that many of tech’s leading players
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Ambasador Izraela: izraelscy inwestorzy coraz bardziej interesują się polskim rynkiem

Na łamach serwisu opublikowany został w dniu dzisiejszym wywiad przeprowadzony z Ambasador Izraela w Polsce, w którym Pani Anna Azari omawia miejsce Izraela w międzynarodowym sektorze cyberbezpieczeństwa.
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How Israel Is Pioneering Cybersecurity Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

It is no secret that mounting cybersecurity threats jeopardize the security of nations’ critical infrastructure systems – from power plants to water reservoirs to our railway systems and beyond – with potentially dire consequences for
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Israel Drives Smart Transportation Toward the Future at EcoMotion 2018

In the not so distant future, no one will likely own a car – rather, we will be picked up by self-driving vehicles ordered via an app, which will stop to pick up others on
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7 Ways Israeli Innovation Has Changed the World in 70 Years

“In order to stand strong, we must empower the talented youth among us to dedicate their lives to scientific research and development. We must help them in any way possible, in all fields.” Those were
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Ambasada Izraela w Polsce, Ministerstwo Gospodarki i Przemysłu Izraela, Izraelski, Instytut Eksportu oraz Israel Cyber Alliance, mają zaszczyt zaprosić Państwa do udziału w HLS&CYBER ISRAEL TECHNOLOGY DAY, 30 maja 2018 roku, w The Heart Warsaw (pl. Europejski 1) Szczegółowe
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