Maala Puts the Spotlight on Corporate Social Responsibility in Israel

With corporate conduct making headlines of late, executives from companies large and small are becoming increasingly aware that the business of doing business is as much about giving back to the community as it is
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How Israel Is Leading Big Breakthroughs in 3D Printing

The Economist has dubbed 3D printing the “third industrial revolution,” given the breakthroughs that the technology will enable – in manufacturing, construction, medicine, nutrition, and many other fields. While 3D printing dates originally to
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Medica już za dwa tygodnie!

category: medyczny
W pawilonie izraelskim na targach MEDICA zaprezentuje się 60 firm oferujących rozwiązania z zakresu obrazowania, telemedycyny, e-zdrowia, AI, robotyki.
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Pawilon izraelski na targach MEDICA 2018

Już tylko dwa miesiące dzielą nas od rozpoczęcia największych na świecie targów medycznych. Jak co roku, w pawilonie izraelskim licznie zaprezentują się firmy medyczne ze swoimi najnowszymi produktami.
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70 Years, 100 Innovative Products: How Israeli Technology Is Enriching the World

Situated on only 22,000 square kilometers — a bit less land than the state of New Jersey — Israel has long had an outsized impact on the global stage. Recently ranked as the eighth-most
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Meet Tech’s Top Talent at Israel’s DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Conference

Israel is the beating heart of the innovations transforming modern life, pioneering advances in smart mobility, cybersecurity, food and agritech, health tech, and much more. It’s only natural, then, that many of tech’s leading players
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Medycyna spersonalizowana priorytetem Izraelskich badaczy

category: innowacje, IT, medyczny
Medycyna staje się osobista, napędzana przez spadające koszty testów genetycznych. Globalna społeczność medyczna oczekuje na możliwość leczenia pacjentów terapiami specjalnie dostosowanymi do ich potrzeb, a nie generycznymi lekami.
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Israel Glows with World-Leading Aesthetics Technology

From the lush rolling hills of northern Israel, to the azure beaches along the Mediterranean, to the sights and sounds of Jerusalem’s Old City, to the vast expanse of the Negev, beauty abounds in Israel.
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Israel’s Free Trade Agreements Reach New Milestones

Forty-three years ago, Israel reached its first free trade agreement with the countries of the European Common Market. Since then, Israel has inked numerous additional agreements with countries across the planet. Powered in large part
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Drilling Down on Israel’s World-Leading Dental Technologies

Dentistry has come a long way since its origins in ancient Middle Eastern civilization – but some of the most sophisticated dental technologies are being developed not far from where it all began, in
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