Watergen brings clean water

Israeli firm Watergen helps provide Gaza with clean water An Israeli company is helping provide Gaza with clean water, by extracting it from the air.  Watergen has developed atmospheric water generators that can produce
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Israel Water Technology helping in the fight against Corona Virus

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The world is in severe water shortage due to the gap between demand and supply. The increase in demand is due to population growth, urbanization processes, and economic growth. Supply is limited due to climate
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Izraelska firma IoT wykrywa koronawirusa w ściekach

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Izraelska firma Kando, zajmująca się oczyszczaniem ścieków przy użyciu technologii IoT, poinformowała, że wykryła ślady nowego koronawirusa w kanalizacji w programie pilotażowym w mieście Aszkelon.
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Israeli Startups Pioneering IoT for Agriculture

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The story of Israel’s founding is deeply intertwined with the cultivation of its stubborn terrain. Early pioneers made great strides “making the desert bloom” using sometimes crude tools. Now, nearly a century later, a new
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How Israel Is Driving Innovation in Consumer Goods Technology

Technology is sparking innovation across all walks of life and the consumer goods sector is no exception. From health and beauty, to food, to ecommerce, cutting-edge technology is enhancing products and bringing greater convenience and
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Israel’s Sustainable Tech Is Powering Clean Innovation

In study after study, the Start-Up Nation ranks among the most innovative countries in the world. Israel is also by far the most resourceful country when it comes to wastewater management, recycling
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Wall Street Journal Series Tells the Story of Israel’s Innovation for Good

For Israel, innovation has always been inextricably linked to the survival, security, and well-being of the people. “How did we start up a nation from nothing and transform it into a nation of start-ups?” the
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Israel Leads World in Water Tech by Tapping Local Innovation

Israel’s leading position in water technology proves that necessity is the mother of invention. Long before rising global temperatures and populations made water security a worldwide concern, the tiny desert nation of Israel was busy
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Tech for Good: How Israeli Innovation Is Improving the World

Israel’s ingenuity and unyielding pursuit of innovation have made the nation an international high-tech hub, catapulting the country to global leadership in diverse sectors like cybersecurity, digital health, drone technology, and mobility.
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Maala Puts the Spotlight on Corporate Social Responsibility in Israel

With corporate conduct making headlines of late, executives from companies large and small are becoming increasingly aware that the business of doing business is as much about giving back to the community as it is
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