Israel’s Environmental and Sustainability Innovation Lab – Call for Proposals

The State of Israel is proud to announce a new call for proposals for an Environmental and Sustainability Innovation Lab: a partnership between the Israel Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Economy – that offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s expertise and wealth of experience with guidance to regulation.
Corporations are hereby invited to submit proposals to establish a new Environmental and Sustainability Innovation Lab. The lab is designed to advance innovations within the environmental and sustainability sectors by accelerating start-ups, leveraging both the capabilities of the leading Israeli tech eco-system, and multinational corporations that are interested in making notable innovation advancement and taking part in this cutting-edge tech community through implementing open innovation.

Technologies that reduce pollution and diminish environmental hazards, and include, the following fields and which will be approved by the Committee: The reduction of air pollution in industry, transport and combustion in open spaces, prevention and reduction of pollution and hazards from hazardous materials, asbestos and pesticides, the optimization of production processes and cleaner production processes, to decrease the emission of pollutants and / or the efficacy of resources, treating and cleaning an environment that has been polluted, such as polluted water and land, advanced materials and ways in which it is possible to examine materials, control and reduction of hazards – noise, vibrations, odors; monitoring and control of pollution, at the source of the emission and in the surroundings thereof, Developing the production of more environmental friendly products, such as green construction, the development of environmental services such as waste management, water resource management and sewage management, material recycling and reconstitution, the production and storage of clean energy, energy streamlining, computerizing and control of pollution treatment processes, etc.

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