Med in Israel 2015 – izraelskie innowacje medyczne

W dniach 23-26.03.2015 odbędzie się w Tel Avivie jedna z największych konferencji poświęcona innowacyjnym rozwiązaniom w medycynie Med in Israel 2015

Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza  wraz z Polską Agencją Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości jak również nasz Depratamentem zapraszają polskich przedsiębiorców do udziału w misji na Med in Israel 2015

Poniżej  prezentujemy program konferencji oraz tylko niektóre z wielu firm z którymi będzie się można spotkać na miejscu.


Imagine there’s a wearable patch for treating diabetes that replaces daily injections, or a way to test for lung cancer just by breathing through your nose, or a laser device the size of an electric razor which relieves pain and heals wounds in the comfort of your own home…

Thanks to Israeli innovation, these devices are either in development or already exist.Many have heard of the hi-tech prowess of the “Startup Nation,” but Israel is also a global leader in the life sciences industry – with hundreds of cutting-edge medical device companies constituting around 60% of that industry. In fact, Israel is ranked first in the world for medical device patents per capita.

There are many cutting-edge innovations that have helped propel Israel to worldwide recognition in this field. One is PillCam, an ingestible camera in pill form used for colonoscopies, doing away with the need for invasive and uncomfortable procedures to diagnose many critical digestive ailments.

B-shoe has designed a shoe for the elderly which prevents falls by using an ingenious mechanical system embedded in the shoe’s heel which senses gait imbalance and instantaneously corrects it – preventing what could be a damaging or even life-threatening tumble. B-shoe’s patent-protected technology is slated to roll out for production this year and can be expected to make quite an impact in a world where life expectancy rates continue to rise and where governments strive to meet challenges associated with growing senior populations.

BrainsGate has developed a revolutionary treatment for stroke victims in the critical 24 hours after stroke symptoms occur. It’s called electrical sync pulse generator (SPG) stimulation, and has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, bringing essential oxygen to damaged areas. The company has attracted significant investors including Johnson & Johnson and has already raised $70 million in capital.

These are just a few of the leading Israeli companies driving this burgeoning field forward.

Representatives from over 60 countries around the world will gather at the MEDinISRAEL conference in Tel Aviv March 23rd -26th to discuss the latest developments in medical innovation, an exciting testament to the contributions that Israel is making to the field.

More than 120 Israeli medical device and HIT companies which have contributed to solutions across the medical spectrum will be participating in the conference.

These include B-Cure Laser, the world’s first portable/home use Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) pain treatment device, BioGaming, which develops virtual reality computer games for orthopedics and sports rehabilitation and EnzySurge, with products designed to treat chronic wounds and promote long-term natural healing processes.

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