Polish VC SpeedUp Group at Exploring the Nation of Innovation

Israel, known as a hub for innovation, has attracted investors from all over the world for years now. A unique project has been launched to connect global investors to the Nation of Innovation.

In the last 6 months, Foreign Trade Administration’s 45 Economic Missions, tracked investors who wanted to learn about the Israeli ecosystem and communicate with Israeli startups. Israel has more than 7,000 startups in various domains, from internet and cyber – to agriculture and food-tech.

Together with Deloitte and the Israel Export Institute, 10 big investment companies were chosen out of dozens applying. The investors went through an individual scouting process, where they prioritized the most relevant Israeli startups for them.

Next week the participants will do their first steps in Israel. Coming from Poland, Brazil, Germany, Italy, China, and Australia, they will arrive in Tel Aviv to meet the most influential key players. The investors will also visit accelerators, incubators, and will have professional round tables. Every participant will eventually meet the startups found most interesting for him, to complete the prolonging scouting process.

This wide spectrum of investors is a one-time opportunity to get a unique experience and to explore the Nation of Innovation together will colleagues who share similar backgrounds.

About SpeedUp Group

SpeedUp Venture Group is a leading group of venture capital funds, investing in enterprises in an early stage of development (seed, pre-revenue, early growth).
Areas of our interest include enterprises and entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe, who want to conquer the global market by utilizing their self-developed solutions.

Our cooperation with companies is based on a 3-8 year investment horizon. We’re looking for innovations from areas such as: consumer internet, electromobility, energy, fintech, martech, adtech, medtech, IoT and hardware.
We’re interested in technologies like Machine Learning,Picture recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, VR and Blockchain.

All investors interested in investigating opportunities of investments in Israeli startups are more than welcome to contact Israel Economic & Trade Mission to Poland in order to identify the best opportunities and the most innovative solutions that comply with their areas of interest: