PZU and Alior are Scouting for Technologies

Alior bank and PZU are looking for startups that can help fight Covid19.

Companies can apply till 26.04.

Alior Bank and PZU join forces and jointly launch a special initiative RBL_START #COVID-19 to face the challenges of the pandemic together. They are open to any solution from areas such as:
 prevention, diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus, social education in this field
 solutions to facilitate the use of online services, especially by seniors,
 services to help companies move customer relationships to remote channels,
 solutions to help maintain liquidity for individuals and businesses at a time of
economic downturn,
 products and services corresponding to the new health, financial and insurance needs of customers
The program, aimed at startups, is designed to support the implementation of the best ideas.
“We want to promote ideas that have a broad social dimension. They serve treatment, diagnosis, prevention and education. Initiatives that help improve insurance and banking services and offerings will also be valuable to better meet the needs of customers during the crisis caused by the virus. This applies, for example, to the development of remote processes and to improve them so that all customers, among them the elderly, can use them without much effort”
explains the Director of Innovation, Marcin Kurczab from PZU.
Learn more about it and apply here👉