The Israel Technology Transfer Network 5th Biennale Conference

Re-Inventing Technology Transfer! Israeli TTO`s are leading the tech transfer transformation with more revenue from IP sales than any other country except the U.S.
Join the largest gathering of academic technology transfer professionals, industry leaders, investors, and government policy makers from Israel and around the world.

The conference will offer networking, professional development and sessions to keep you up-to-date on the most innovative trends in technology transfer.

The Israel Technology Transfer Network 5th biennial conference will showcase the changes occurring in Israel’s tech transfer environment such as:
• Israel’s integrated approach to tech transfer.
• Facilitating the relationships and the free transfer of ideas between academia and entrepreneurs, investors, industry and community.
• The fast deal making approach employed by Israeli universities today.

The event includes the biennial conference day, multiple workshops by leaders in the field, as well as tours of some of the most active and innovative tech hubs in Israel.

Registration now open at: