Growing Romania’s High Tech Eco-System based on Israeli Knowledge and Experience

Oren Gershtein, CEO of IdealityRoads, was invited as a key speaker.

On the 16th of June we had  the pleasure to take part at the  “Growing Romania’s High Tech Eco-System based on Israeli Knowledge and Experience” Conference organized by ComputerLand Romania, where  Mr. Gershtein was invited as a speaker.

Oren Gershtein is CEO of IdealityRoads,  an organization helping national and local governments and private corporations create high-technology environments to drive economic growth. He works with ministers, policymakers and key personnel to bring about the necessary changes to establish a tech-development ecosystem.

Ongoing projects with the government of New Zealand and with the largest private insurance company in Argentina, Grupo Sancor Seguros, serve as recent examples of his successful doctrine of high-tech ecosystem development. Moreover, Mr. Gershtein, explained that developing an innovation ecosystem is not only an issue of policy, but also of social responsibility. With this in mind, IdealityRoads is guided by five core social principles: TransparencyYouth EmploymentMinority/Indigenous Rights, Gender EqualityEnvironmental Sustainability.

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