Israeli Wearable Tech Upright Improves Posture, Reduces Back Pain

Nowadays we all need this new gadget to improve our posture and reduce back pain!

With many of us sitting at our desks for hours every day, poor posture has become an epidemic, leading to widespread backache and other ailments.

According to Israeli startup Upright, back pain relief starts with good posture. And that’s why its posture trainer, which discreetly attaches to your lower back, trains you to stand and sit upright. Every time you slouch, it gently vibrates, reminding you to correct your posture.

The gadget – which costs $130 – comes with a mobile app, tracking your progress and offering customizable training programs.

Founded in 2012 by Oded Cohen and Ori Fruhauf, Upright Technologies claims that by training for as little as five minutes a day, you can correct your posture.

The small startup of 13 employees claims it could help us get rid of our habit to slouch in a very creative way. Its tiny silicone device is invisible when placed under your shirt. It connects to your back via scotch tape, and reminds you to sit up straight. The idea for Upright was born after Cohen’s mother had experienced constant back pain. “I promised her I would find a way to relieve her pain.”

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