US tech giants Google and Amazon released security updates for their respective Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa devices after being warned by US-Israeli cybersecurity company Armis that the smart speakers which respond to voice commands were at risk for cyber breaches from security exploit called BlueBorne. The Israeli-founded firm warned that as many as twenty million users of Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other voice-activated personal assistant devices running on Android and Linux were subject to BlueBorne vulnerabilities activated via Bluetooth.

Armis, an IoT (Internet of Things) security solution company, said in a statement that its researchers recently uncovered that hackers can exploit these non-secure devices, take them over, spread malware and establish an attack to “gain access to critical data, personal information, traffic, and networks.” These vulnerabilities allow attackers to create malware infections that are spread from one infected device to many others through a wireless connection over Bluetooth. The device-to-device connectivity aspect of Bluetooth means an airborne attack could easily spread without any action from the user.

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