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This month, Romania added an important and central title to the European arena when it received the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

However, alongside the various economic, social and political opportunities inherent in this process, Romania has a growing understanding that the accompanying risks are no less significant.

As a result of its new role, Romania will soon be a strategic point for the exchange of sensitive information between countries which means that cyber security is a very important aspect in this period and not only.

Last November, the Economic Mission in Bucharest led the largest delegation of senior executives to HLS & CYBER in Tel Aviv.

The distinguished members of the delegation include the top senior representatives of the police, the intelligence, the nuclear energy agency, the aviation authority, the national CERT, the government and the business sector of Romania. During their visit, the delegation held hundreds of meetings with dozens of Israeli cyber and homeland security companies, visited various sites throughout Israel and discussed various commercial ventures.

In the framework of Cybertech 2019 to be held in Tel Aviv towards the end of this month, another delegation of senior officials, headed by the Romanian Minister of Communications, Mr. Alexandru Petrescu, will arrive in Israel.

The Romanian Ministry of Communications controls, among other topics, the national CERT and is involved in defining the Cyber Security Policy.

We kindly welcome the Romanian senior officials to Cybertech Israel 2019. Registration is still open and in case you want to join the Romanian delegation please contact us at