Back in 1949 the leading export of Israel was represented by the citrus fruits, but starting with the 90’s Israel’s world renowned Agricultural Research Organization, the Volcani Center, initiated a challenging project to develop Jaffa Rising Star brand which stands for distinctive fruity flavor, tender juicy bites, and easy to peel quality with zero to few seeds.

Jaffa has become a generic name for high quality citrus fruit, having served as a favorite snack for dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth I. ?

Its global success can be attributed to strong R&D programs, scientific cultivation techniques and cooperation between the exporters and the Israeli farmers who jointly market under the Jaffa emblem.

Jaffa today is also known as “The Big Orange” for its merit of increasing tourism and the citrus industry
Apart from this, Israel’s leading exports are Chemicals & Pharmaceutical (23%), Machinery & Electronic Equipment (22%), Diamonds (11%), Medical & Optical Equipment (9%) and more.

Meanwhile, we are wishing you Shabbat Shalom from beautiful and sunny Jaffa!