The Israeli education and e-Learning industry, combining unmatched skill and
creativity, offers a wealth of advanced technological solutions to a variety of
audiences, spanning education institutions to home users.

Praised for its groundbreaking educational methods and content, as well as state-
of-the-art software and systems, the industry provides education institutions, organizations and business administrations wide-ranging and comprehensive solutions. Distance learning, administration tools, internet safety solutions, entertainment, training and authoring platforms, virtual classrooms, technological infrastructure, documentation and automatic distribution of live and recorded events, video libraries and archives, effective learning solutions and much more.

Today we start a round of presentations of e-Learning solutions. In these days when, for our safety and the good of our community, we need to stay inside the house we need solutions for learning and education.

Chameleon eBooks seeks to engage and motivate young readers to experience thought-inspiring, creative and brain-stimulating activities. Through highly enriching storybook apps, we provide children with long-life experiences and opportunities that lead to a balanced life, and include a range of physical activities, skill development and social interactions. We believe that reading books is one of the most effective means of nurturing educational outcomes, gaining higher levels of happiness and confidence, enhancing imagination and aspirations, promoting social engagement and mobility. However, today, children are increasingly busy with their smartphones, computers and television.

Classoos is an online textbook service. When schools are deactivated, students all over the world are in their homes and everyone is moving to remote learning, the need for digital books is only growing, the platform also allows teachers to share with their students layers of information, links, tasks and more inside the textbooks. In the last few days, only in Israel, about 300 schools have joined us, and their students downloaded thousands of books. The platform is multilingual, operates in dozens of schools in the UK and many international schools.

Composica Ltd. empowers organizations by enabling creation of compelling highly interactive e-Learning content. The flagship product, also called Composica, is a social e-Learning authoring system that offers real-time collaboration among team members and provides a powerful programming-free WYSIWYG environment for creating complete e- Learning 2.0 content. Based on HTML5, the courses authored with Composica are accessible using any modern device, desktop or smartphone. Composica offers both authors and students the worlds’ best authoring platform – rich, flexible and intuitive with unique features and advantages all web-based.Most important, the Composica system provides for simple and easy- to- embed social media within courses (e-Learning 2.0), empowering students and organisations alike.

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