OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference

category: IT, Tech
The OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference will connect startups, capital, and people online.  Featuring top speakers, unusual content, direct access to startup entrepreneurs, and outstanding networking, the Conference will bring together the global tech ecosystem at
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Meet the Israeli Companies Optimizing the Online Customer Experience

category: IT, Tech
Understanding who your customers are, what they want, and how you can best serve them has always been essential to companies of all stripes. With billions worldwide now reliant on an Internet connection to work,
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Israeli National Pavilion Showcases 76 Innovative Companies at MWC 2020

As more than 100,000 thought leaders, tech executives, and industry influencers prepare for MWC in Barcelona from Feb. 24th-27th, they can look forward to an impressive array of Israeli exhibitors at the globe’s largest
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The Israel National Pavilion – Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2020

Driven by innovation and a long history of success, the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, known as the “Startup Nation”, is a global technology hub. 600+ leading multi-national corporate, have chosen to establish Technology Innovation and Scouting
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Israeli Startups Pioneering IoT for Agriculture

The story of Israel’s founding is deeply intertwined with the cultivation of its stubborn terrain. Early pioneers made great strides “making the desert bloom” using sometimes crude tools. Now, nearly a century later, a new
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“Future Security” Event in Israel Will Showcase Technologies Making the World Safer

As Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies transform entire industries by unlocking new insights, efficiency and business value, they are also making a big impact in the security realm. Advances in computer vision, geo-location, intelligence
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How Israel Is Pioneering Cybersecurity Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

category: IT, Securitate, Software
It is no secret that mounting cybersecurity threats jeopardize the security of nations’ critical infrastructure systems – from power plants to water reservoirs to our railway systems and beyond – with potentially dire consequences for
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Massive Cyber Attacks, Autonomous Electric Cars And ‘Augmented’ Workforces: Israeli Industry Experts’ Predictions For The Next 5 Years

In the next round of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel should prepare for massive cyber breaches to critical infrastructure that may do real damage and bring in a new element to war, warned
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US-Israel Cybersecurity Firm Armis Warns Google, Amazon Of Airborne Cyber Attacks

category: Generale, IT, Securitate
US tech giants Google and Amazon released security updates for their respective Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa devices after being warned by US-Israeli cybersecurity company Armis that the smart speakers which respond to voice
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Druze-Jewish Startup Healthymize Taps Phone Calls To Monitor Speakers’ Health

category: Generale, IT, Software
Sometimes having somebody listening in on your phone calls isn’t a bad thing — it can even save your life. Israeli startup Healthymize has developed a fully automated, cloud-hosted, artificial intelligence-based app technology to monitor voice patterns
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