How Israeli Technology Can Help the World Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic

category: Medical, Tech
The coronavirus pandemic has strained healthcare systems and battered economies worldwide. While the duration and scale of the outbreak remain to be determined, meeting the challenge it presents will undoubtedly require the rapid deployment of
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Solutions for Business Continuity (2)

category: Software, Tech
Solutions for Business Continuity We continue today with a few interesting solutions designated to help business continue their activities. No one is taking into account a pandemic situation and any business continuity plan. Thus rapid
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From the Runway to Retail: Inside Israeli Fashion Tech

category: fashion, Tech
Amid major advances in technology, even industries long seen as low-tech are reaping the benefits of new innovations – and fashion is no exception. Israeli technology has played a pivotal role in the rise of
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The Future of Cities is Smart Thanks to Israeli Innovation

category: Smart city, Tech
On the path to a more sustainable and seamlessly connected world, technology experts, entrepreneurs and local governments alike are seeking innovative solutions to tackle the most pressing issues facing urban areas – from congestion and
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Israeli National Pavilion Showcases 76 Innovative Companies at MWC 2020

As more than 100,000 thought leaders, tech executives, and industry influencers prepare for MWC in Barcelona from Feb. 24th-27th, they can look forward to an impressive array of Israeli exhibitors at the globe’s largest
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The Israel National Pavilion – Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2020

Driven by innovation and a long history of success, the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, known as the “Startup Nation”, is a global technology hub. 600+ leading multi-national corporate, have chosen to establish Technology Innovation and Scouting
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Israel’s Homeland Security Technologies Are Making the Public Safer Worldwide

category: Securitate, Tech
Since its inception, security has been a top priority for the state of Israel. With a more than 70-year track record of developing innovative security solutions, as well as a vibrant tech ecosystem, it’s hardly
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Israeli Startups Pioneering IoT for Agriculture

The story of Israel’s founding is deeply intertwined with the cultivation of its stubborn terrain. Early pioneers made great strides “making the desert bloom” using sometimes crude tools. Now, nearly a century later, a new
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Israeli Innovators Protecting Connected Cars from Cyber Threats

Automotive technology holds great promise but also introduces new risks. Connected cars may offer drivers a wide array of new amenities, but their being networked means hackers could break in and take the wheel themselves.
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Cybertech Israel Expo – 28-30.01.2020, EXPO Tel Aviv // PAVILION #2

Cyber. We live it. Breathe it. All at the forefront of global innovation Cyber is all around us – it is one of the most trending topics in the tech and business arenas. It is
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