Israeli, US, German Scientists Team Up To Turn Disease-Filled Wastewater Into Drinking Water

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The scientists will develop a filtration membrane that removes viruses and bacteria from wastewater and turns it into potable water. The “zwitterionic polymer hydrogel” membrane has been developed by researchers from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University (BGU),
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Scientists warn about the relation between treated wastewater and drugs

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Vegetables Irrigated With Treated Wastewater Expose Consumers To Drugs, Israeli Scientists Warn Treating greywater and using it for agricultural irrigation is one of the best ways to conserve and recycle water. But now, an Israeli study
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Colaborare importanta Israel – Romania pe sectorul apei

  Vizita Ambasadorului Statului Israel la Bucuresti, la Raja Constanta. Excelența Sa, Ambasador al StatuluI Israel la București, Tamar Samash, alături de   Atașatul Comercial, Șeful Misiunii Economice pentru România Matan Safran, însoțiți de o
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