Tel Aviv’s Startup Ecosystem Ranked No. 3 In The World

Did you know that Tel Aviv’s Startup Ecosystem Ranked No. 3 In The World ?

Tel Aviv’s startup ecosystem has been ranked No. 3 in the world this year by venture capital firm SparkLabs Global Ventures, following Silicon Valley and Stockholm. New York City and Los Angeles round out the top five list.

The ranking is based on eight factors: Funding ecosystem and “exits;” engineering talent; active mentoring; technical infrastructure; startup culture; legal and policy infrastructure; economic foundation; and government policies and programs.

In addition to its technological ingenuity, Tel Aviv is home to several workspaces that are based on the sharing economy, offering small offices (with shared services such as meeting rooms, copiers and espresso machines) to young startups on a monthly basis. The city’s startup ecosystem enjoys inspiring environments, with many seed-stage startups choosing to set up shop in collaborative work spaces such as WeWork, which operates several buildings in Tel Aviv.

There are roughly 50 active startup accelerators and incubators in the city, more than double the number four years ago. Whether sponsored by the city, a multinational corporation or a local venture capital firm, accelerators give seed-stage startups financial assistance and mentorship.

According to city officials, Tel Aviv is home to nearly 1,000 startups – or 19 startups per square kilometer – and about 50 international research and development centers. Last year, the city was voted as the best startup ecosystem outside the US, thanks to its techie environment and talent pool, by data firm Compass.

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