Sleep-Deprived And Sluggish? Part Of Your Brain Is Actually Dozing, Says Israeli-US Study

Sleep deprivation has long been known to affect our physical and mental well-being, and has been linked to a host of diseases including high blood pressure and diabetes, but a new study by Israeli and American neuroscientists now says lack of sleep directly impacts our brain cells too, disrupting their ability to communicate and even causing parts of our brain to doze.

The study, by Dr. Yuval Nir of Tel Aviv University, Professor Yitzhak Fried of UCLA and Tel Aviv Medical Center and sleep experts Profs. Chiara Cirelli and Giulio Tononi at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, found that sleep deprivation causes brain cells to slow down, affecting memory, reactive behavior and visual perception.

“When we’re sleep-deprived, a local intrusion of sleep-like waves disrupts normal brain activity while we’re performing tasks,” said Dr. Nir in a Tel Aviv University press statement.


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