HealthWatch at the Wearable Tech Exhibit, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

HealthWatch is proud to announce its participation at the notable, first of its kind Wearable Tech Exhibit of the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL – Exhibit dates: March 21, 2019 to June 2020.

HealthWatch has been selected to display its top-notch wearable technology – the Master Caution®.

The prestigious Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL is one of the largest science museums in the world, known for its hands-on exhibits designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity. The Wearable Tech Exhibit will present the latest technology in the world of wearable products.

Master Caution® is the only wearable device that provides hospital-quality ECG monitoring (12-leads) – remotely, continuously and accurately. It is also the only product on the market with FDA & CE approvals, making it a medical device and distinguishing it from other products on the market.

Whilst 12-leads provide the caregiver with the entire picture, enabling them to detect ischemia and arrhythmia, preventing them from guessing; 1-lead is just a huge gamble ending with a misdiagnosis, resulting in either no treatment at all or treatment for a healthy person. In times where future competes with the present, 12-lead ECG says it all: safety, confidence, accuracy, professionalism, health, leisure, quality of life, Independence, smart use of time and money.

A few facts: Arrhythmia is a deviation from normal heart rate – higher or lower – and it can be lethal. Sometimes arrhythmia has physical symptoms, sometimes it doesn’t. It can be random and coincidental, it can be persistent. Arrhythmia cannot be detected with anything less than 12-leads.

With Master Caution®, HealthWatch offers significant value to the end-users – by providing them the peace of mind they are so eager to earn, and by offering a personal, 24/7 caregiver so they are no longer alone. It is also offered significant value to caregivers – by enhancing personalized care and improving patient experience, by enabling them to treat more patients without compromising accuracy or increasing expenses.

Master Caution® is the future of healthcare and HealthWatch is the one to deliver the future into the present – not only because no other company has reached this level of technological progress, but also because of the high level of expertise of the team able to tackle any obstacle on the way.

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