Call For Bids For The Biggest Prize in the world!

The State of Israel considers the Research and Development of technologies that reduce the global use of oil in transportation to be a subject of top international and national priority.
In order to increase global awareness of scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations and new initiatives in the field of  Smart Mobility and alternative transportation energies, as well as to promote the goals of this program on the basis of the aforementioned Government Resolution, the Government has adopted the Prime Minister’s program to grant an annual award, “The Prime Minister’s Prize for Global Innovation in the Field of Energy Alternatives to Petroleum Use in Transportation and Smart Mobility,” named in honor of Eric and Sheila Samson.
This Prize is awarded for global innovation, scientific and/or technological, in the field of energy alternatives to petroleum use in transportation smart mobility technologies (for example; autonomous vehicles, and smart transportation related technologies.)

The 2019 Prize of one million US dollars will be awarded by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Science & Technology of the State of Israel during the Gala ceremony which will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel, at the end of October 2019.
The deadline for submission of candidates for the Prize is July 18, 2019! 


The interested ones, can reach for more information at: or contact the Economic and Trade Mission in Bucharest at: