AgrIsrael 4.0 has opened its doors!

Romania is represented at AGRISRAEL 4.0 by one of the largest delegation sent on the field of Agriculture. The delegation has a total of 45 members who are divided in 3 sub-sectors:

  • precision agriculture
  • aquaculture
  • dairy

The particularity of this delegation its exactly the diversity of it, from associations (cooperatives) to university spin-offs on agriculture innovation as well as farmers with large crops to small and intensive.

The delegation had the chance to meet with Israeli key players from their sectors and also, benefit from professionals visits where they will see facilities and technology in work.

The industry of agricultural inputs in Israel is one of the pioneers and leaders of the industries in Israel. This industry, characterized by intensive research and development of innovative systems, are being intensively developed mainly due to the need to overcome the adverse climate and the existing shortage of land and water.

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