More Than Surviving: Industry in Israel Is Giving COVID-19 a Run for Its Money

As the corona-virus outbreak continues to spread across the world, with increasing global cases, Israeli innovation ecosystem and cross-governmental offices are doing their part in combating the virus and its vicious spread.

In this blog, we have aimed to concentrate relevant materials on Israeli Gov reactions, policies, and support in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak in Israel, leading Israel into cautious optimism.

Cross-government Integrated Forces Collaborate For A Healthier Tomorrow

The Israeli ecosystem is characterized by many touching points and collaborations between government, high-tech, academy, industry etc. Israel’s one advantage is its highly qualified labor force, scientific institutes, and R&D centers. This allows Israel to use its unique strengths, harness innovation and creativity, and rapidly partner up all sectors in favor of finding solutions to the corona crisis as a start-up nation. For example, Israeli industry today manufactures products, based on its own scientific creativity and technological innovation.

Response Investments, Government Economic Aid and Financial Packages to Support Individuals, Businesses and the Public Sector

The Israeli government has allocated financial aid, in an effort to support Israeli citizens affected by the outbreak, and measures to maintain the stability of the economy. In addition, the Ministry of Economy has opened an Emergency Call Center for factories and industrial manufactures to contact directly at *6680 due to the publication of emergency regulations. Furthermore, the Ministry of Economy in collaboration with the Foreign Trade Administration, has set up an exporter information center and reports on trends in the business arena that affect companies in Israel.

Tech & Science For Corona 

Once again we see the collaboration of the Israeli ecosystem coming together, as the Innovation Authority, Ministry of Health and the National Israel Headquarters, are calling out Israeli technology companies to submit R&D programs for systems, products or technological solutions. In addition, 35 projects aiming to find solutions to the corona epidemic were selected, adding to funding that was allocated to High-Tech – as a first response to addressing the crisis.

Additionally, the ministry’s Directorate of Production and Procurement (DOPP) is also helping the Health Ministry obtain the urgently needed medical equipment, and has recruited a number of Israeli businesses to produce ventilators, masks and other protective equipment.

Israeli academy institutes team up to join the national testing effort, and provide their laboratories for the benefit of the Ministry of Health and conducting research on the virus.

Cautious Optimism

The Israeli Government unveiled a massive plan to help the economy cope with corona-virus, while many cross-governmental institutions and different sectors collaborated on helping the country as an integrated force, due to the county’s special characteristics. It’s no secret that the world looks to Israel for innovative solutions in such circumstances, and this instance is no different, as Israel’s relatively swift and well-organized battle to stop the spread of corona-virus appears to pay off.