Oportunitati de business din Israel 4

Mai jos sunt niste informatii de business din Israel, oferite de catre Camera de Comert a Israelului:

Company Name: DYN of Nature (DYN Diagnostics Ltd.)
Contact Person: Mr. Elad Guberman
Address: 7 Ha’eshel St. P.O. Box 3063, Caesarea Industrial Park 38900, Israel
Telephone No.: 972-4-6175300
Fax: 972-4-6175402
Year of Establishment 1990
Summary of offer: Export of Natural Cosmetic Products


Description  of offer: DYN Diagnostics Ltd. specializes in developing, marketing and sales, as well as scientific and engineering support in the fields of In Vitro Diagnostics and research laboratories. Founded in 1990 DYN Diagnostics, is the sole representative in Israel of Roche Diagnostics and other leading companies in the IVD field.


DYN Of Nature is proud to present our new line of natural cosmetic products, DYNATURA. Created using up to date technologies, each dynatura cream is made with extracts of the Orchid flower (a remarkably resilient plant due to its high content in aging inhibitors) enriched with vegetable elasticizing hydrolizates and botanical protectors.

The combination of these ingredients along with long acting natural moisturizing components makes our creams particularly rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins and skin renewal stimulants.

We apply the knowledge inherent to the traditional fold medicine of theGalilee, combining the latest technologies with the highest know-how and experience

our line of products includes:

Orchidea Activa Anti Aging Cream

Orchidea Activa Day Moisturizer

Orchidea Activa Night Nourisher

Orchidea Activa Foot Care Cream

Orchidea Activa After Shave Moisturizer

Orchidea Activa Moisturizer Facial Soap Bar

Orchidea Activa Restoring Body Lotion

Orchidea Activa Hand Care Cream

Target Countries: All countries.