Professional training in the field of Micro crediting in rural areas

Thursday, July 17 the Economic Department was invited to participate to the launching  conference of  “Micro crediting,  fundamental component of entrepreneurship in rural areas” (ID 135486) project,  co-funded by the European Social Fund Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013. “Invest in people!”

The project implementation is carried out by BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (ADA), as applicant, in partnership with the Institute for Integrated Micro Regional – A.I.M.I.R (Partner 1) and the National Federation of Local Action Groups – F.N.G.A.L (Partner 2).  Within this, a number of 420 person from a target group of 1,680 will receive counseling / guidance and 312 of them will be participants in training programs for the following occupations: Risk Administrator, Credit Analyst, Financial and banking activities Intermediate (Broker). The project lasts 17 months.ADA org.