Israel Energy Week – December 2-9, 2014

During Israel Energy Week (December 2-9, 2014) the hottest breakthroughs and  leading alternative energy companies from across the globe will convene in a series of exhibitions and conferences taking place in Tel Aviv and Eilat.

Israel Energy Week

Israel Energy Week combines a string of the most important annual events in Israel to one packed week, that jointly bring together thousands of key global decision-makers, legislators and leading business people from across Europe, the United States and Asia into a vibrant platform for dialogue and exchange.

From December 2nd to December 9th, 2014, a series of exhibitions and conferences will be taking place in Tel Aviv and Eilat:

Detailed information can be found on the website of each event (please see above).

Through a series of conferences and networking events throughout Israel, industry leaders from the  government, academia, business and non-profit organizations come together to explore the pressing questions on the global clean tech agenda, while also being given the opportunity to become acquainted with the companies, entrepreneurs and investors behind some of the most innovative technologies on the market today.  

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