Singapore delegation to Israel Watec 2011

With the Economic departments’ ongoing mission to promote the overall trade relationship between Israel and Singapore and to strengthen the business ties between our industries and markets, despite their differences in size and level of maturity, we take part in some of the leading commercial events taking place in Singapore, as well as working to bring Singapore companies and businesses to visit Israel to meet with their peers and colleagues, for the purpose of realizing the potential which exists for both by joint venturing one with each other and boost trade by strengthening cooperation.

Such successful visit was conducted very recently when a business delegation of Water and Cleantech companies visited the largest water technology event held in November in Israel; Watec Israel 2011. Representatives from 16 different Singaporean Water, Cleantech and Environmental companies together with university and academic research centers, government officials and investors visited the event in Israel and met a multitude of Israeli water tech achievements and start-ups. They concluded a very successful visit in one o the most exciting and promising industrial sectors which both countries are investing tremendous resources and efforts to position themselves as global leaders.