In a recent article published by Globes, “McAfee: Israel tops cyber-defense survey” – Israel, Finland and Sweden top the McAfee cyber-defense survey of leading experts’ perception of a nation’s defenses.

Israel has always been a strong brand name in cyber security, particularly in encryption technologies. This report by McAfee further reinforces Israel’s position as a powerhouse in IT Security.

In September 2011, in a news published by Channel News Asia, the Singapore Government announced the establishment of the National Cyber Security Centre to boost its capabilities to counter cyber security threats.

We see great synergies evolving between the 2 nations in cyber security as Singapore is seeking to enhance its defenses against cyber security threats and at the same time, grow the capabilities of its IT security sector; and Israel can supply the “ammunition” to help beef up Singapore’s IT security defenses and protect against attacks on its critical infrastructure and systems.

There are several Israeli IT security companies already present in Singapore – Check Point Security, GTB Technologies, NICE Systems, Elbit Systems, to name a few. With the emergence of Singapore government and private sector looking for more innovative and robust solutions to protect against cyber security attacks, we anticipate greater collaboration between Israeli and Singapore enterprises.