Largest acquisition deal in Singapore-Israel’s commercial history

The top news that is creating huge buzz in the commercial history between Singapore and Israel is SingTel’s acquistion of Israeli company (US-based) Amobee for US$321 million. This is the first time in history that a Singapore company has bought an Israeli company for an astonishing 9 figure.

The last large acquistion deal that made the headlines was ST Engineering’s acquistion of Wireless Telematics in late 2007 for US$90 million.

Increasingly, we see Israel as a source for Singapore M&A deals. Singapore has long been an admirer of the Israeli entrepreneurial spirit, having established the National Research Foundation (NRF) modelled after the Israel’s government venture capital program. NUS Enterprise has also launched NUS Life College and dozens of Singaporean students are now working on industrial attachments in companies in Israel to immerse in the Israeli culture and hoping that some of this spirit would be planted back in Singapore.

Indeed, Israel is a start-up nation and will continue to thrive in the numbers of entrepreneurships generated daily. There is an acquisition of an Israeli company almost every month, if not every fornightly.

IBM, EMC, Apple, Facebook, F5 and Microsoft have all acquired an Israeli company in the past year. For Apple, Anobit was their first purchase of an Israeli company and the deal, according to Bank of Israel data, was closed at around US$300 million. And just last Wednesday, 14th March, news that Avaya is set to buy Israel’s RadVision for US$230 million was published.

And last week there was also news that medical technology company, pulmonary device maker, superDimension is in talks to be sold for US$300 million to a medical device company.

Israel’s hi-tech companies continue to amaze the world!

Israeli companies are the target acquisitions of major international players and we definitely see this streak continuing as the fountain of ideas and Israeli entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish.