MED in Israel 2012

Last November, our office successfully organised meetings for Israeli companies with the Singapore visitors to MEDICA exhibition, one of the world’s largest medical device exhibition, held annually in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The Israel Pavilion showcased close to 50 medtech companies and our Pavilion was bustling with non-stop action, drawing much admiration from other national pavilions – meetings after meetings took place for the Israeli companies. More than 1000 meetings were scheduled for the Israeli companies during the 4-day show. Huge efforts to bring in the meetings from visitors all over the world were well orchestrated and coordinated amongst all the 30+ worldwide Israeli trade offices and the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI). 

Following the huge interests generated in Israel medical technologies and seeing the strong desires from international medical companies to cooperate, market and or invest in Israeli medical technologies, IEICI will organise for the first time – Med In Israel, the inaugural Medical Devices conference to be held in Israel, that will be focused on the Asia-Pacific region and will take place from 26 – 28 June 2012 at the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The convention’s format will focus this year on HealthCare IT, Hospital Efficiency, Emergency Preparedness & Trauma, Imaging & Robotics and Personalized Medicine, and will include keynote speakers, panel discussions, technological exhibition, One-on-One meetings, and tours of industrial facilities. In addition, participants will be able to witness the most advanced medical research at Israel’s leading hospitals. 

Tailored private professional program can be organised for conference visitors while in Israel, according to individual’s wish list of interest areas and companies.

The MedInIsrael conference is sure to be one of the leading international events of its kind to showcase Israeli healthcare technologies. It will provide an opportunity to bring together leaders in the healthcare technology sector and is open to hospitals, distributors, medical device manufacturers, HMO/government strategists, and Venture Capital firms.

Israel’s thriving medical technology industry is world renowned for its ground-breaking innovations, ingenuity and creativity. Israel is home to over 900 medical technology companies, with 50-60 new companies being formed each year. Multinationals including J&J, Perrigo, GE Healthcare and Phillips Medical, together with local companies such as Teva, Given Imaging, Insightec, Medinol, Disc-o-tech, Brainstorm and others have been at the global forefront in the development and marketing of life-changing medical breakthroughs and valuable innovations. 

From meetings arranged at MEDICA Germany 2011, there were strong commercial interests generated from Singapore distributors looking to invest in or distribute few of the Israeli medtech companies and possibly “success stories” will be evolving soon.

This week, Globes just published a mega deal in Israel’s medical industry:Covidien buys Israel’s bronchial device developer, superDimension for US$300m.

Now with MED in Israel, we hope to encourage Singapore companies to really go on the ground in Israel to scout for the next BIG THING!

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