Israeli Firms Get Top Honors at Premier Cyber-Security Show

Statistics show Israel is a global cyber-defense power, says head of the National Cyber Bureau Rami Efrati









Israeli cyber-security companies walked away with eleven awards Monday night, concurring with the RSA Security Conference, being held this week in San Francisco. Israeli companies won awards in categories such as “Awesome Product of the Year,” “Products and Services Excellence,” “Database Security,” and “Tomorrow’s Technology Today,” among others.

RSA (named for the Israel-based security company that was bought by EMC in 2006), which has been held annually since 1991, brings together top security and cyber-defense professionals to discuss, among other things, the previous year’s cyber-news — who got hacked and why, and how to avoid future attacks. Dozens of companies from around the world present their cyber-technology, with executives from top multi-nationals checking out the technology for application security, network hardening, mobile security, cloud and data security, trends in the hacking world, and much more.

In recent speeches, Israeli political and business leaders have been touting Israel as a cyber-security powerhouse. At the recent Cybertech 2014 event in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel was “exploding with creativity. We’re like a country that would have about half a billion people in terms of our cyber capabilities.”


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