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Internet activist group Anonymous declared Monday 7 April 2014 “OpIsrael Day”, on which hackers promised to bring down or break into any Israeli website they could. Several web sites — including those of the country’s postal service and Education Ministry — were brought down for a short period of time. Hackers also reportedly published online a list of phone numbers, emails and passwords of senior Israeli officials, but sources said that the list was outdated. A few private Israeli websites were also brought down.

Anonymous, the loosely organized international hacker organization, had vowed to replace content on websites with anti-Israel messages or disable them with Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. The organized attack fell on April 7, the anniversary of last year’s attempt, when hackers threatened to “erase Israel from the Internet.”

Yesterday night, even before the attack was set to begin, a number of government websites went down, including the earthquake readiness website, the Ministry of Education website and the website for the Israel Export Institute. Ministry of Education representatives stated that their website was temporarily and voluntarily brought down in order to prepare for the attack.

At this point the site is operating normally. Representatives from the Treasury, responsible for operating most government websites, stated that the sites are up and running as usual.

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