Labstyle’s glucometer takes diabetes care to the cloud

The Dario smartphone glucometer connects real-time to caregivers to empower diabetics in health decisions.

What is so special about Dario that so excites the analysts? The kit that includes the needle, the test strips, and the smartphone connector, is really well designed, and looks like a flash drive, and not like the standard pouch that diabetics carry with them – a significant advantage if someone needs to use the kit on the subway, for example – but this alone would position the company alongside the standard medical equipment manufacturers, dominated by giants like Johnson & Johnson and Bayer. Apps for diabetics already exist as well.

What sets Dario apart is its ability to create an inseparable connection between the two. In other words, the smartphone itself is the glucometer and, at the moment of the test, your personal data, which you or your doctor or caregiver entered, along with the data that have been gathered over time, go to work. And your support group (be it your family, or, at later stages, doctors and diabetes support groups), sees your stats, and can help. If the patient is a child, for instance, his parents can see that he has checked himself, when, and what his status is, even while they are at work and he is at school.

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