Israeli Social Startup Uses Mobile Phones To Detect Cervical Cancer In Third-World Women

In 95 percent of cases, cervical cancer is an entirely treatable disease and can be treated for $28 in less than 40 minutes. Yet, due to lack of access to physicians and reliable medical equipment, hundreds of thousands of women in low-resource settings are dying unnecessarily every year simply because they are not getting diagnosed in time. However, one Israeli startup seems to be well on its way to changing that.

Meet MobileOCT— a social startup which is using mobile phones to accurately detect cancer in people who live in the developing world.


Recently featured on ‘Forbes’ list of 25 Hot Israeli Tech Startups To Watch, MobileOCT is trying to address the fact that while five billion people around the world have access to mobile phones, many of them do not have access to a physician. The company’s first project is to take on cervical cancer, the number one cause of cancer deaths for women in low-resource countries. To do so, they are producing a mobile colposcope that can be used with any mobile phone, anywhere in the world. “Technologically we’ve gotten to a place where we have very advanced sensors in everyday objects. And what MobileOCT is seeking to do is to help save lives with those sensors,” explained Ariel Beery, MobileOCT‘s CEO and Co-Founder, in an interview with NoCamels.


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