Startup Nation: Bringing out the Israeli in China’s Tech industry


There’s a craze for Israel in China’s tech industry. Chinese tech entrepreneurs admire Israelis’ fighting spirit and what they have achieved in technology.

It’s largely thanks to Startup Nation, a book about entrepreneurship in Israel. The Chinese edition came out even earlier than the Hebrew edition. More than 100,000 copies of the Chinese edition have been sold. That’s not including the untold number of pirated copies that have been sold in China.

I often joke that the Chinese must have contributed a lot to Israel’s tourism industry with droves of Chinese tech professionals having visited the country in the past couple of years. Some began to believe Chinese Internet giants such as Tencent and Alibaba would invest in, or even acquire Israeli tech startups the same way Google and Facebook have done.

Xiaomi, the fast-growing smart device manufacturer and mobile service developer, joined the Series B funding in Pebble Interfaces, an Israeli motion control technology company, in late 2013. Former Tencent SEVP Vic Lee joined Israeli photo sharing app Mobli as an advisor.

A number of Israelis are in China’s tech industry too. ironSource, an application distributor and monetization service provider, has set up an office in China, leveraging the trend of Chinese desktop and mobile apps expanding overseas. AppInChina is a mobile app distributor helping to promote mobile apps from outside China in the complicated market. DigiGage, an interactive solution for elevators, is available in some Chinese cities such as Dalian.

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