The living room of the future – the Vbox vision


While TV resolution today is a mix of SD (standard definition) and full HD (High Definition), by 2020, Ultra High Definition will become ubiquitous, bringing crystal clear, high definition TV to every living room, and to many mobile and connected devices, both in and out of the home.

The living room of the future, and devices everywhere, will be connected to ultra-broadband 1000MB/s Internet. While the backbone will grow to handle larger amounts of data, carrying large volumes of HD video content over the internet (IPTV) to many devices at once will remain challenging.

VBox solutions will serve as a bridge between the worlds of broadcast and IP by accepting TV signals coming from broadcasters, and converting them to IP to stream content to all devices in residential buildings and private homes.

Hence all TV sets will enable streaming of both live TV content and internet OTT content, by converting broadcast TV signals to IP at the home.

VBox and other innovative Israeli new media companies will be exhibiting at IBC 2014. If you would like to set up meetings with Vbox at the exhibition venue, please register here.